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69 Ultra-Dusty icons

Well, that was a lengthy break. Some of these are so old. (How old are they?) Old enough that I've gone through ANOTHER computer change and I'm not in the fandom anymore.

[ 01 ] Hyperbole and a Half
[ 03 ] Stock (books)
[ 04 ] Where the Wild Things Are (book art)
[ 06 ] Television (Doctor Who, Alias, Little Britain, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
[ 04 ] Pokemon
[ 08 ] Star Trek TOS
[ 03 ] Merlin Cast (Katie, Angel)
[ 07 ] Tom Hardy
[ 08 ] Figure Skating (Eliot Halverson, Kim Yuna, Evan Lysacek, Stephane Lambiel)
[ 08 ] Lady Gaga
[ 21 ] Amy Winehouse

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/staind song terrorism.

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And if you have any requests otherwise - clearly it takes me a long time to post en masse, but I still love icons. Even when they hate what I do and photobucket conspires against me.
[tv] Psych: Gus lol.

120 - what the what.

[ 10 ] Misc TV (The Office, White Collar, Community, Pokemon)
[ 33 ] Dancing With Evan Lysacek the Stars
[ 77 ] Figure Skating! (gen, Daisuke Takahashi, Stéphane Lambiel, Adam Rippon, Johnny Weir, Evan Lysacek)

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[movie] This is my most

70 + 2 wallpapers?

[ 04 ] Star Trek (TOS)
[ 10 ] Dancing With the Stars (Evan & Anna))
[ 56 ] Figure Skating (sausage fest)

[ 02 ] Wallpapers - Evan Lysacek

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Let me know what works/makes you barf; credit; don't hotlink - win, win, win.
[movie] This is my most

92 icons

[ 02 ] Boombox/Julian Casablancas
[ 02 ] Ayumi Hamasaki
[ 14 ] Zachary Quinto, Pinto (previously posted at ontd_st), Kristen Bell
[ 26 ] Evan Lysacek, Johnny Weir
[ 05 ] White Collar
[ 08 ] Chuck
[ 13 ] Heroes
[ 21 ] Star Trek (TOS, 2009)

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[movie] This is my most

Filled Requests

For _faeriequeen, boredstiff, ever_obsessed, fanoffrank, gothamknights, illusional_you,jjd_doherty, julzi_x, metatarsus, milesaway, missbreese, prosperity2929, catwench, and zombitard.

Way overdue requested icons/banners/wallpapers. I am the worst and so sorry.

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So. I apologize a thousand times over. And if you don't like it, I don't blame you. Tell me, I'll try something else.
[movie] This is my most

Tutorial: Animated Gif

Step by step, ooh, baby. I'm going to walk you through making a full-size of this giiiiiiif.

There are a lot of images after each cut. Fair warning.

So. There's a youtube clip that you want to make animations from. This is how I would do it. Step one (one, one)!

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Adobe ImageReady CS
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Thank you for your time.
say cheeeese

54 | angel, castle, dollhouse, supernatural

But seriously, you all get to be subjected to my icons now, too. Excited? Probably not so much!

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87 comic book/vidjoe game icons

If you are a regular reader of Flying Bedpan you're probably confused as to why I'm posting since for the last year it's been 100% awesome frontyardninja icons but I did post icons before and I will be again from now on. So yeah, icons below, enjoy!

#17 Resident Evil 5/Darkside Chronicles 
#11 Sonic/Boxer Hockey
#21 Various Mario
#16 Detective Comics/Batwoman
#22 Spider-Woman


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[movie] This is my most


[15] Big Bang Theory (season 1)

All posted images are photobucket-generated thumbnails. Click each image for the full thing in a new window. They aren't huge to begin with (usually in the 400 range width-wise) but they take a while to load if there are a ton of frames, and that's not very fun.

Teeny-tiny preview:

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I don't know -- have fun.